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Junior Hunt Test Puppies

Puppies are fun. They are adorable, they smell good (usually), they are funny, and they are generally irresistable.

Puppies also wake up very early, have accidents in the house, need to chew on things, require lots of patient training in order to behave the way you want them to, and they need and deserve your attention every day. A lot.

Puppies grow up into dogs that continue to need and deserve your attention every day. They find the most incredible ways to get into trouble. They can live for upwards of 15 years.

If you are committed to getting a puppy and are researching the Spinone as a possible breed for you, you may want to consider some of the reasons the spinone might not be the dog for you.

Why not a Spinone?

The following link will show you puppies that may be available or litters that are planned in the relatively near future. Please be thoughtful and get to know potential breeders to make sure they are breeding responsibly and are a good fit for you.

Upcoming Litters and Availability

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